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What are the risks if I contract a smuggler?

Using a middle man or contracting smugglers is not innocent. Be aware of the dangers and risks before approaching such persons. They are criminals according to Belgian law.

You are a migrant who wants to go to Europe with a smuggler ?

You thought about the benefits but did you think about the risks ?

The smuggler is interested in earning money, so why would he be good to you ?

The smuggler will try to convince you to use his services and deny that the journey could be dangerous.  Once you paid him the money, you are at risk to travel in dangerous circumstances, with risk for your life and the life of your family members.  Risking your life will not help anyone.  For the smuggler, this is a big money business.  And you are the human cargo… .

Smuggling migrants is therefore not allowed by law in Europe.  Smugglers are convicted and the illegal migrants are deported.  In this way, you lose your money anyway.

What exactly can happen to you ?  If you travel by boat, then that boat will of bad quality and be overcrowded, so there is a high risk of sinking in the Mediterranean.  You risk also starvation and dehydration. 

Transport in trucks or lorry can lead to lack of oxygen, you cannot breath anymore, especially children are at risk.  In order to avoid detection, the truck will drive at high speed and you risk accidents.

Smugglers are aware that you want to reach your goal of entering Europa, whatever it costs.  They see you as a human good, which they can exploit, rape, mistreat and torture.  They call your family to extort money while they are torturing or raping you.   In this way, they can even earn more money. 

You are a human being, worth of being treated well. 

Don’t let the smugglers take your dignity.